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About Wood&Food.

Wood&Food brings serving and kitchen products that preserve the authenticity, warmth and natural look of wood and that fit about any occasion. From a cosy dinner at home with friends or family to a stylish buffet presentation in a hotel or restaurant. The raw looking objects guarantee beautiful contrasts and bring instant warmth to your table setting.

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"Wood&Food is the perfect match for any colour and style and adds personality to your table setting."

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How to extend the life of your Wood&Food item

When cared for correctly, a Wood&Food item will last as long as you allow it to.
The most important thing is to keep the wooden item clean after each use. This is also a crucial step to ensuring it's kept hygienic.

How to clean your Wood&Food item
After each use, it is best to wash the item with soap and warm water to remove all traces of food and bacteria, then allow it to dry completely with air first. When the board was only used with dry foods, a simple wipe down with water can be sufficient. Not cleaning it too often with soapy water will even help to prolong its lustre as well.
An all-natural way of cleaning
For an all-natural clean, first try dampening your wooden item with a warm cloth and sprinkeling coarse salt over it. Then cut a lemon in half and scour the cut side over the wood while slightly squeering the lemon juice out. Let it stand for five minutes and remove the excess by using a scrub brush.
How to prevent drying out
Wooden items also require regular oiling, as this will prevent them from drying out, and causing cracks and splits. By oiling it, you'll be able to add many years of life to your item. It keeps the wood safe from liquids and it prevents harmful bacteria from entering. Once you'vee oiled your Wood&Food item, you'll quickly notice the rejuvenating power this process has: scratches and scars that covered its surface will have mostly dissapeared and the board will appear brand new again.
How to oil your item
The best oil to use is a food grade mineral oil. Use either a paper towel or a clean, dry cloth, dip this into your oil and rub it into the grains of wood. Aim for a thin layer of oil on the surface, or it won't be able to dry effectively. The oil will need to soak in order for it to be truly effective. Once the oil has dried completely, use a dry cloth to wipe off any excess. Perform this in a circular buffing motion to ensure you have covered the entire surface.
The best types of oil for your item
  • Mineral oil
  • Walnut oil
  • Linseed oil
  • Beeswax
Things that can be damaging
  • Keeping the wooden board into the water for too long: this will significantly weaken the wood and can damage your product.

  • Use of dishwasher: the wooden item will soak up the water and cleaning agents used in the dishwasher, causing it permanent damage. The wood will swell and it will have trapped the taste of your dishwasher cleaner within.

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